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Box office hours

Our on-site box office is open only on show days and opens one hour before the posted doors time

Our box office is not open on non-show days or prior to one hour before doors.

Our on-site box office is open one hour prior to published door times on the day of the event.

Purchasing Tickets

BUYER BEWARE! A note about third-party. We cannot verify the validity of any ticket purchased outside of this website or Tixr.com. If you’re on this website (you’re reading this, we know you’re here!), STAY on this website and click here to purchase tickets to an upcoming show. We cannot assist you in any way if you purchase from anywhere other than this website (this includes secondary market sites and third-party sellers).

Exceptions apply to specific artist-ran fan clubs and VIP packages that may exist for the show. To verify, visit our upcoming shows page for all official info.

If you’re not sure, please get in touch with us BEFORE you purchase your ticket. We will keep reminding you that the only valid tickets are ones purchased through us.

Scammers gonna scam. We do our best to moderate the comments on our social posts, but some slip through. We do not advise you to engage with anyone claiming they are selling tickets on social media. Tickets are only sold through our site.

-Most shows have a 24, 48, or 72-hour delayed delivery on them. This is to combat third-party sellers. We promise: you don't need your tickets sooner than that. If you're giving them as a gift and think you need them earlier, check out our merchandise shop and get creative! If someone is claiming that they have actual tickets prior to that delivery time, they are very likely scamming you.

Payments Accepted

WE ARE CASHLESS (with a few exceptions)


  • Third-party food (Cocina Central Eats)
  • Artist merchandise (usually accepts cash, but not always!)

There are no ATMs on the premises or inside the venue so just play it safe and bring a card and get those extra points.

Accepted Cards:

Venue Ticketing Map & ticket Types
General Admission a.k.a GA

GA is our biggest, baddest section of the venue that can accommodate over 4,000 guests. Heads up - it’s Standing Room Only. We repeat: General Admission tickets are STANDING ROOM ONLY. You may not bring a chair or blanket. That would be super-unsafe and you wouldn't be able to see. If you’re inclined to need a seat, we suggest you look at purchasing one of the other ticket types below in order to guarantee your spot. We do have open-seating picnic tables in the Biergarten if you need a break from the crowd.

Enter Venue Through Gate B

General Admission is standing room only ... check out the view!
Left Wing

Left Wing seating is situated House Left and offers comfortable, elevated views of the stage and a guaranteed seat all your own. The lowest Row is "A" and the seat closest to the stage is "1".

View FROM Left Wing
View OF Left Wing Seating (Bottom Level)
Right Wing

Right Wing seating is situated House Right and offers comfortable, elevated views of the stage and a guaranteed seat all your own. The lowest Row is "A" and the seat closest to the stage is "1".

View FROM Right Wing Seating
View OF Right Wing Seating

Preferred Boxes

Preferred Boxes are in our Right Wing section and sit just above the Right Wing Seating and below the Right Wing Season Suites.

There are 7 preferred boxes that accommodate 12 people per box. These boxes must be purchased as an entire box.

So grab a group of friends and experience a private box with the most preferred view in the house. All boxes come with 12 seats and in-box fans. Guests can order food and beverage service through the mobile ordering system.

The box closest to the stage is Box 1 and furthest from the stage is Box 7.

View FROM Preferred Boxes
View OF Preferred Boxes
Ticket Delivery

All tickets are digital.

Check your confirmation email for ticket delivery information. Unless otherwise indicated, all tickets have a delayed delivery, which means they'll be sent to you either 24, 48, or 72 hours prior to the event. Those times aren't exact, but they're close. If it's the night before the show and you haven't received your tickets, just reach out and we will look into it.

Age Restrictions

All shows are ALL AGES unless otherwise noted at the point of purchase.

Kiddos of all ages from 0-99+ require a ticket, regardless of age.

We do not offer discounted or free admission for children.

We tried to ID a 3-year-old once, but she didn't have the proper identification.


Upgrades & Refunds

We do not offer refunds. All sales are final, always. Be sure that you are purchasing the correct ticket for the correct show and correct day. We understand that things happen in life, but we still can't issue you a refund. It's a risk we take, but some risks are simply worth it!

We do occasionally have upgrade opportunities if seats or season boxes are available. Please read the below if you are hoping for an upgrade:

  1. Earlier than two weeks prior to the show: please contact us via the chat box or the waitlist, if interested in a Season Box upgrade.
  2. Within two weeks of the show: Please note that any upgrades within two weeks of show will be a completely new and separate purchase, and you will still have your original tickets (non-refundable).
  3. On the day of the show: Check in with the box office on show night to see if any upgrades are available (again, your original ticket is non-refundable)
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