Preferred Boxes

New covered section in the back of Right Wing Seating!

  • Located to the right of the stage in the back of the Right Wing seating section
  • 6 Boxes total
  • Each Preferred Box accommodates 12 people
  • Easy access to bar located in the middle of the Preferred Boxes

Skyboxes – now for seasonal use

Due to high demand, the VIP Skyboxes will be sold as Season Corporate Sponsor Skyboxes and will no longer be available for purchase per show

  • Located on the second floor above the main bar
  • Each Skybox Accommodates 8 people
  • Private Bar upstairs just for the Skyboxes
  • Great for entertaining clients, friends, family, and staff

Resale Waiting List for Individual Concert Corporate Sponsor Suites and Corporate Sponsor Skyboxes

One of the perks to purchasing a Corporate Sponsor Suite or Corporate Sponsor Skybox is the ability to resale it for individual shows if you are not using it.  If you are interested in being put on the waiting list for a specific show please complete the contact form and select “Resale Waiting List” as what you are needing assistance with.  Specify what concert you are interested in and we will put you on the list in case a Sponsor Suite or Skybox becomes available.  If one does we will notify those on the waiting list in the order that the inquiry was received.

2020 Waiting List

Choose this option if you would like to be added to the waiting list for a 2020 Season Sponsorship, 2020 Season Sponsor Suite, or 2020 Season Skybox.